Refocus Your Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Eye Care Practice in 2021

Advertising but not seeing the results you’re looking for? Your optical marketing strategy may need an adjustment. The fact is, the mailbox drives the largest percentage of purchasing decisions compared to other channels for eye care patients, potential eye doctor switchers, and prescription eyeglass/sunglass shoppers in the U.S. Are you targeting them effectively?

Download our infographic for proven tactics to increase traffic and marketing ROI along with an optical marketing case study, and keep reading to learn more!

Did you know?

60% of eye care patients in the U.S. have responded to an offer in the mailbox in the past year, as well as 62% of prescription eye wear shoppers and 64% of potential eye doctor switchers.

Let us show you how Mspark and the power of integrated direct mail can help achieve your eye care practice marketing goals. Engagement with the mailbox is at an all-time high.60% of eye care patients in the U.S. have responded to an offer in the mailbox in the past year62% of prescription eye wear shoppers64% of potential eye doctor switchers

Direct mail does more than simply engage consumers; it drives activation and purchase intent. When you add a direct mail component to a multi-channel campaign, you create a more powerful marketing mix to drive traffic and sales and increase your advertising ROI.

  • Advertisers achieve a 33% lift in unaided ad awareness when print is integrated with digital campaigns vs. digital-only campaigns.
  • When print is paired with digital media, advertisers see as much as a 30% increase in response.
  • Print drives 11% purchase intent compared to only 4% with digital alone – that’s a 175% increase in purchase intent when anchoring your digital campaign with print!

The following direct mail product options have proven results as part of optical marketing plans.

Quick Response Postcard (Pre & New Mover)

Movers are 5x as likely to become long-term customers. Our program gets you in front of this valuable consumer segment as they quickly make purchasing decisions. This fast, flexible product solution allows you to reach movers within 2 to 3 days: pre-move, post-move or both.

Impact Postcard

The Impact Postcard is our stand-alone, high visibility piece ideal for competitive blunting, with personalization/variable messaging options to target current and potential customers with relevant loyalty, retention, and referral messages.

Targeted Inserts

Available in 9 sizes to meet your needs and budget, our Targeted Inserts allow you to target the consumers most likely to do business with you all the way down to the carrier route level.

Download our infographic for a summary of tips and trends to create a successful marketing plan, as well as an optical case study to see how eye care providers have succeeded with direct mail. If you’re ready to talk more about integrating direct mail into your multi-channel marketing strategy to drive better results and ROI, reach out today.


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